Your Home on the Edsu Network

Edsu makes life better for both developers and users of Online Open Source Software (OOSS). Instead of the developer having to hold on to your data, you do. It gives you more control, and gives them less to worry about.

Just because an app is online doesn't mean you should have to choose between being stuck with proprietary software or having to jump through hoops like installing new plugins or browsers. Using an Edsu app is as easy as any other online app.

Sounds great, but what's the Edclave?

The Edclave is your home on the Edsu network. Once you sign up for an account here, you can use it with every Edsu app on the internet. Try things out with a free account, and later if you want more storage and bandwidth it's easy to upgrade to a paid plan. And don't worry about being locked in: Edsu is federated, like email, so anyone can provide it as a service - you can even run your own server if you get really into it :)

Edsu just launched, so the network is still small, but already there's things to see in our App Browser. Click here if you'd like to know more about the Edsu protocol, or jump right in by signing up.